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Iedereen bevrijdt Genk means Everybody Liberates Genk. This event in coörperation with the city of Genk and it’s inhabitants is the reconstruction of the liberation of the city on september 14, 1944 and the period thereafter.

The first allied unit coming into Genk was the US 2nd Armored Division “Hell on Wheels”.

They were almost immediately followed by units of Monty’s 21st Army Group that found in the different schools, coalmine workshops and boarding houses an ideal location for resting and refitting their troops and repairing their vehicles. Even the famous Desert Rats and Hobart’s Funnies took Genk as their homebase.

Shortly after that units of the US 9th AAF arrived because they were constructing the nearby airfields Y-29 and Y-32. As soon as the airfields got opertional the pilots and supporting staff arrived. As the RAF also flew from Y-32 they also used Genk as lodging place.

In the fall of 1944 units of the US 7th Armored Division “Lucky Seventh” stayed a while in Genk before being sent to the Ardennes to fight in the Battle of the Bulge.

So if you want to participate in a historically correct way in this event you even have to much choice.

What do we have to offer?

-A Last Post Ceremony on Friday evening at 20:00 h.

-A Bivouac area of more than 30.000 m²

-A display area of more than 70.000 m². Ideal for excercising tactics, digging foxholes, vehicle demonstrations, etc.

-The terrain is large enough to give every group it’s own display area.

-A liberation convoy through the city on a tour of approx. 70 km where you will be greeted by enthousiast inhabitants;

You can download the GPX file for your smartphone of GPS through this link. (use the green download button on the right hand side of the page)

-Our nostalgic Rainbow Corner Club tent with period music and quality catering;

Liberation ball on Saturday evening with live Big Band music;

What do we ask from you?

-If you want to participate please send an email to with the following information:

  • Name of your group;
  • Portrayed unit;
  • Number of persons;
  • Number of vehicles and types;
  • Space needed for your camp;

-A respectfull portrayal while being correctly dressed.

-The campsite is a reconstruction of an Allied Camp during the last year of the war. Modern equipment and camping material has to be kept out of sight.

Neutralized Historical weapons en their duplicates are allowed during the event on condition that the bearer/owner takes his own responsability in complying with the current legislation.

Taskforce Liberty and the members of the organisation can in no way be held responsable for illegal carrying of weapons by the participants.

No private bars on the campsite;

An inscription fee of € 0,00 per person. Yes, you have read this right. The participation in this event is entirely free of charge. So there is no excuse not to participate.

All Allied, civilian or captured enemy vehicles built before the end of the war are welcome in the event.

The campsite opens on friday september 11 and tearing down of the camp can be done from sunday 16:00 h onwards.

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